X-ray Differential Diagnosis App

 There are many medical investigations that are useful in detecting diseases and problems that affect patients, there are laboratory tests and there are also tests performed by the doctor, but recently it has become impossible to conduct any clinical examination of a patient without an x-ray

 All these images and then developing your ability to diagnose, this article will interest you very much. We will mention an application in which you want to have in your device so that you can learn to read the radiographic image simply and easily, especially since the radiographic images are one of the best and most optimal ways to diagnose and discover diseases

X_Ray Differential Diagnosis App
This application is considered an important educational application and is directed to both medical students and radiologists, in addition to all health care providers

Where the principle of this application is to display radiographs related to a clinical story, and then it will help you to know the final diagnosis of this disease, for which the radiograph was taken in order to know it

The application includes explanations and explanations related to images

 In chest images: This application helps in detecting inflammatory diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis, in addition to pneumothorax and skin effusion

 Heart images: This application can display images of you related to the cardiovascular system. It is possible to see a radiograph of an enlarged heart, indicating heart failure, congestion

Image of the digestive system: The digestive system is not usually shown in the x-rays, but this application is useful in showing the swallowed solid parts, especially in children, in addition to some tumors and masses

 Urinary system x-rays: This application can display x-rays that show the presence of stones in the urinary system

Pictures of the bone system: the bone system is the most beneficiary of the x-rays. It is not possible to diagnose a fracture or dislocation without going back to a x-ray that shows the bones and how they are aligned

There are also many cases in which we can benefit from the x-ray images, so you must download this application in order to learn to read all the x-rays per day. It is impossible to be a successful doctor and you do not know how to read these images

This application is considered free and you do not need to connect to the Internet to activate it, and its size is small and suitable for all Android devices

Download the application
Through the following link, click here

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