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When a person is exposed to a wound, he does not know the mechanism that he must perform in order to get rid of this wound, which he afflicted because of a sharp or blunt instrument, so we find him seeking a doctor until he treats and heals him from the wound, or some people rush to folk medicine that uses some herbal preparations that it is natural for these wounds to heal quickly, but all people must be sufficiently aware of how to deal with the wounds 
 There is no person who lived his life without being subjected to a wound

 I have now found many applications that help heal wounds, and perhaps the most prominent of these applications is the application that we will talk about today

 It is Wound Care MI Visual, and it is an application that helps heal the wound step by step, since the patient was exposed to the blow that caused the wound to the period in which it is fully healed from this wound, as the wound passes through different periods, starting from the inflammatory state, then the period of re-formation, and even the period of complete recovery in which the skin will return to recovery again

 This application provides a lot of written and visual instructions which helps greatly in the healing process, and the patient can learn from these pictures and videos how to heal his wound, step by step

This application is concerned with acute and chronic wounds, in addition to wounds related to diabetic foot and vascular ulcers

 It also helps in healing wounds that occur due to malignant diseases

There are many important and interesting advantages in this application
The application is free and you can download it without paying any specific amount

In the application there are a number of questions, summaries and games that help you know how to deal with wounds and get more experiences

This application has a suitable size for all devices, as it supports all devices that run on the Android system

Download the application
Via the following link click here 

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