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 World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is the largest health body responsible for caring for human health on the planet, as this organization was established in 1948 after the end of World War II and the presence of many victims resulting from light and heavy weapons

 Since its inception, the World Health Organization has faced many obstacles and economic problems  or even political
This organization has adopted many humanitarian ideas since it began spreading and working around the world, such as promoting human health, strengthening their immunity, and getting rid of dangerous epidemics, in addition to solving the problem of famine and protecting the vulnerable

 After its work became continuous and routine, this organization now provides a number of advice and medical information  that benefits people in raising their culture and level of health education, and this matter will increase awareness and interest in health

The design of an application in this organization is one of the steps that accelerated its integration with societies in the world, as it deliberately used software and artificial intelligence to reach all smart phones that a person cannot live on the planet without carrying one of these phones, and thus she can practice  its educational activities are closer to the patient than the previous published and televised means, and this is through the WHO Info application

WHO Info app
Through this application, the World Health Organization provides a lot of updates, new health ideas, and preventive information that everyone must follow in order to escape from many diseases spread around the world
 This application has played a prominent role in combating Corona virus, Ebola, fever, bird and swine flu, and other diseases that its spread decreased after it formed a large pandemic, and with the presence of this application, people became able to know the necessary steps in order to prevent infection with these various diseases

 They also now know the extent of the spread of the disease and the means that benefit them in treatment, and this matter led to an increase in the medical level

Advantages of the application
This application provides an integrated, comprehensive and expanded medical service that reaches a large number of people around the world whose number exceeds a billion, i.e. the price of humanity, and this is a large and huge number that can prevent the spread of diseases in a large way, and this is one of the benefits of modern technologies and software that linked science to technology and provided a great benefit to humanity around  the scientist

This application is free and can be downloaded without any fees or any paid items from the application

This application is distinguished by its small size, meaning that you will not have to empty a large area of ​​​​the device until you get the application, and it also supports all devices that run on the Android system

Download the application
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