Voltlab Application To Study Electricity

 Physics is one of the distinguished and wonderful sciences that helps to know many new and advanced things related to electricity and mechanics, which are considered the basis for the work of many devices in the world, and many home appliances cannot operate without the presence of electricity, and at the same time it is impossible for any car to move if there are no engines related to the work of mechanics that help move it, then studying this field is considered the most complicated and difficult thing, but we are talking about an application today that will make this study of materials easy

Voltlab Application 
This application provides a virtual simulation of a physics laboratory that contains a lot of tools in which you can test the devices and learn a lot about electricity and mechanics
like volts, amps, electrical transformers, motors, and many other things that physicists expand on

Educational contents
The content of the application contains a lot of information related to electrical and electron physics, the physics of engines, conducting many scientific experiments and switching elements to obtain different results, which helps to develop the capabilities and skills of the student

Pros of the application

This application helps students understand many different equations and experiments

This application helps to conduct an experiment on electrical transformers before designing them, which allows stopping waste in reality

This app helps explain many principles, theories and information

The size of the application is light and does not constitute any burden on the device and does not cause any battery consumption

 This application is free and you can download it without paying any amounts, in addition to being ad-free and working without an Internet connection

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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