Visual Anatomy 2

 Studying anatomy is the most difficult thing you can do as a student studying in medical colleges, because of the many and complex information related to the various systems of the body, as there are many different anatomical parts in the body and many tissues such as veins, arteries, nerves, and lymph nodes, in addition to the presence of organs in the body  Such as the liver, stomach, brain, muscles and many other important organs that you must learn about and know them well and understand the type of tissue that they consist of in addition to knowing the artery that irrigates them and the vein that returns blood from them, as you must know the nerve that secures the nerve impulses for this organ so today it is necessary that you get an important and useful application that is Visual Anatomy 2 application

Visual Anatomy2
This application is significantly distinguished from other anatomy applications because it is a sophisticated and newer application that relies on technical software because it contains 500 high-resolution images of high quality and there are also a number of animations, which number up to a hundred films that will greatly help the student in knowing how to move  muscles and the extent that each part of the body can move freely

 This application will also teach the student many important and useful anatomical terms, as it teaches them to write this word and pronounce it in a distinct and wonderful way, and this matter will help in accessing information and knowing a lot about science and anatomy in an easy, modern and distinct way, because education requires a lot of effort and time that the student must spend, and this application will greatly facilitate the learning process

  One of the questions and tests that you can answer by studying anatomy well, and you will then learn a lot about anatomy

Many features are present in this app like
 This application is a wonderful scientific reference that helps in understanding the kinetic mechanics of the muscles of the body, as there are many educational videos that help in knowing the extent and angle of movement of each muscle

Secondly, the size of the application is not considered large, and you can download it in a simple way without any problem, as it is free, and there are no sums of money that you have to pay in order to get it, and you can use it easily because its interface is simple and uncomplicated

Thirdly, this application is considered one of the wonderful and beautiful applications that can work on various devices that have the Android system

Download the application
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