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 Did you feel tired of writing and want an alternative way so that you could write all the things you want without torturing your hands to write with the pen or even by the keyboard
We will talk about an application that converts speech into writings, meaning that all you have to do is speak in front of this recorder, and then it will transfer the words you spoke to written speech, It is the TRANSKRIPTOR Application 

This application is considered one of the applications that is very suitable for use by anyone, whether he is a student studying in college and wants to summarize a lot of writings or even an employee who works and wants to send a number of reports, but he finds them too many, but now we have found for them the most appropriate solution that will help them in skip these problems through this application, which all you have to do is speak in the speech you want to write and it will write about

The advantages of the application 

This application is small in size and you do not have to scan a lot of applications to be able to download it, and it is compatible with all versions of Android

 This application quickly converts all notes into written notes as soon as someone tells you or you want to save them by speaking them

 This application converts various versions and files to written, whether audio clips or video clips

 This application is the best application that you can use to improve your abilities and achievement in study and work

This application allows you to open a long period of time where you can record and then take a rest and then return to the recording without causing any damage to the section that you are recording and then you can get the information you want written after you finish recording

 What distinguishes this application from other applications that convert speech into writing is that it corrects spelling errors automatically, and this saves you a lot of time

This application is free and you do not have to pay any additional fees All you have to do is create a new account on the application and then start registering.

Download the application 
You can download the application through the following link click here

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