Russian scholarship to study in Russia for Syrian students for the year 2023

Recently, the Russian official authorities issued an announcement about scholarships for the Syrians, as the Russian authorities announce this scholarship on an annual basis and present it to the Syrian people, as many Syrian students are waiting for the issuance of this scholarship until they register for it after they obtain the Syrian scientific and literary secondary certificate
 This is in case they want to study abroad
 Russian universities are characterized by the presence of many specializations available for study, because their number is large, and these universities accept the certificate that was obtained four years ago, i.e. from 2018 to 2022

 Even if you are a university student, you can apply for this scholarship this year 

There are a number of details related to this grant, such as
First, the Russian side gives a monthly salary equivalent to approximately 30 US dollars

This grant also helps to exempt from paying fees and tuition fees that must be paid to the university

In addition to the existence of health insurance that allows you to receive treatment in government hospitals for free

This grant has many advantages such as
It is not necessary to be a Russian speaker in order to be accepted, It is possible to go there and study without taking the language test, as there is a year to prepare yourself by learning the Russian language

There is insurance for student housing and accommodation

You can apply to this scholarship while you do not have a passport, because the submission is considered conditional, meaning that you apply now, and after the approval comes, you can obtain the passport and then travel there

Things that are required by the Russian government so that you can go to study there
First, you need a high school diploma certified by the Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs

Secondly, you must get letters of recommendation from the professors who taught you

Thirdly, the Russian language certificate, which is optional, meaning that you are not bound by it

Fourth, the resume and a letter of motivation

Fifth, the things that you did, such as volunteering and various humanitarian and service works

And after you have finished reading these details, we will provide you with the link that helps you register for this grant in addition to other grants that are found in the following link click here

And after we have finished talking about these grants, we have to talk about a very important application that will benefit you during the application for this grant

It is the Resume Builder application that creates a resume for you, meaning that you can apply for this grant after you download this application and organize your resume, which It leads to a higher percentage of your acceptance of this grant and may help you to download this application that its size is suitable and light and does not pose a danger to the device as it is a secure application that does not leak your information and you will not need a lawyer then this application is a continuation of the work of modern software and technologies that provide a lot of applications daily 
 It is a free and useful application that provides a lot of services that help to reach goals in the simplest way

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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