Remote Mouse Application

 You can remotely control your laptop today with the Remote Mouse app

Have you ever felt helpless and confused by not being able to control your laptop as usual when you were invited to participate or attend 
a conference

Do you have a presentation discussion as a student or lecturer at the university and you suffer because you cannot easily and smoothly control your computer

 You will find the solution in the article that we will talk about today, which is the Remote Mouse application

Remote Mouse application
This application is one of the leading applications in the field of modern advanced technology, as it enables you to convert your tablet or mobile phone into a remote control for the computer, and it combines a distinctive and professional simulation of the function of the computer keyboard, mouse and wireless touchpad

The most important features of the application

It enables you to control the browser as well as control all the files and applications on your computer simply, which speeds up the completion of work and manages access and various operations, enabling the user to share experiences, information and time with people and secure tools adequately through this application

The application is designed for a single hand position or a left hand position

Using this application reminds you to use the TV remote and you will feel how smooth it is

 Obtaining the application does not require paying any fees, as it is free, but there are additional features within the application, if you want to obtain them, you must pay

Explanation of the services provided by the application

First: mouse simulation 
For all the functions of the mouse, there is a comprehensive and complete simulation, and it also supports a special type, which is a simulation of the gyro mouse, so you can move the mouse pointer with the unique gyro sensor, and it also supports the left hand position

Second: keyboard and touchpad
There is a complete and comprehensive simulation of the computer keyboard that enables you to write in various languages, and there is also the advantage of using voice commands when typing remotely, and this application also supports the touchpad

To download the application
You can download the application through the following link click here

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