Pharmalator 3D Pharmacy

 Working in pharmacies is not an easy thing that you can do without any problems
Therefore, you must study for a long time at the university, up to five years, in order to be able to deal with the enormous pressure that the reality of work imposes on you

 Therefore, we decided today to talk about an application that helps you in  work in the pharmacy after you graduate in order to become a professional pharmacist, as this application works with software technology that helps organize the work inside the pharmacy and introduces you to the various items and how to organize and arrange them, It is the Pharmlator application

Pharmlator 3D Pharmacy 
The application that offers you a lot of features and services in the form of games through which you can get to know the medicinal items and arrange these medicines in the pharmacy appropriately, in addition to that you can control everything inside the pharmacy such as learning how to read prescriptions in addition to the medicines that are sold through you or  what is called OTC, and thus you get an integrated service in order to learn and gain experience, and then you can work in the pharmacy wonderfully and perform your tasks with creativity and brevity

The application has many features
The application is free and can be used without paying money

The size of the application is appropriate for the company to download it without occupying any space in the device and without causing any problems or damage

This application supports all Android devices

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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