Oral Radiology Principles

 Today we present one of the useful applications that will interest many people concerned with dentistry

 This application contains a lot of useful information such as radiographs of the teeth in the mouth, It's Oral Radiology principles 

Oral Radiology- Principles 
This application offers a lot of images as it contains nearly a thousand radiographs

 These images are high quality and have a good illustration that allows you to understand a lot about the anatomy of the mouth and teeth

This application can also teach you the basics of radiological physics and will also teach you how to perform imaging techniques in the mouth, by integrating artificial intelligence with modern technology related to radiological medical images such as magnetic resonance and computerized tomography, and also teaches you how to differentiate between radiographs in order to identify various cases

 Clinical studies that are seen by more than one patient, in addition to the inclusion of this application on ideas related to forensic medicine 

This application helps to make reading any radiograph of art easy and simple, when it teaches you some medical ideas so that you can differentiate between any two radiographs that are presented to you and know the extent of the impact of these radiographs on the patient, whether in terms of neurological or structural peripheral

Application Inclusions

Section one: the main
Biological effects of ionizing radiation, safety protection and radiophysics 

Part Two: Photography
Intraoral projection engineering, head and skull imaging, radiological anatomy and other imaging methods related to artificial intelligence, information technology, panoramic imaging, cone beam tomography, post-three-dimensional imaging, quality assurance, carious infection control, in addition to preparing dental implants, computerized artificial imaging, film imaging and imaging class  Diagnostic 

Section Three: Interpretation of rays and diseases
i.e. principles of radiographic interpretation of dental caries, periodontal disease, abscesses, temporomandibular joint abnormalities, sinus diseases, benign tumors, diseases affecting the bone structure, malignancies, and diseases of the salivary glands 

Download the application 
To get the application through the following link click here 

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