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 If you are a father and have a number of children, then one of them must have asked you one day to read a story to him, and there are many children’s stories in the world, but you cannot read any story to your son, so this story must contain the correct values ​​that you must instill in them, and this which makes you confused when choosing the stories that you read to your children, so today I will talk about an application that greatly helps children to learn the correct values ​​and optimal principles through the application that will provide you with the best stories, which is the Bedtime Stories for Kids application

Application contents
This application contains a number of distinguished and purposeful stories that help the child expand his awareness and improve his behavior, in addition to that it develops in this child a love of goodness and good behavior

 Therefore, reading the story to the child is considered one of the important educational matters that no father or mother should forgive

 This application is some of the well-known stories, such as the story of the lying shepherd, who shows how bad the lie is, and the story of the naughty child and the beautiful duck, in addition to the story of Layla, the wolf, the rabbit, and the turtle, which conveys to the child the idea that work and perseverance are not related to the capabilities of the desire for success, and the story of the princess and the beast, which shows the child that beauty is in morals and actions, not in shape and appearance, and thus you raise your child to do the right thing, and all this is thanks to software science, which contributed to making this application and broadcasting in the child’s life recovery, joy and pleasure

In this application there are a lot of advantages that we will list

 This application offers free stories for children

There is a lot of diversity in the application in retribution, as it is suitable for all ages of children from two to ten years

 The language of speech in these books is simple and understandable, so that the child can understand it

These stories provide a great educational service, as they learn the English language by presenting a number of foreign stories

There are many useful and expressive images in this application that are of interest to every child

Download the application
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