Burns Area Index and Fluid C

Among the most common injuries that harm the body and make the patient unable to act in any possible action are burns, because burns greatly impede the body’s work, as we always find that the patient who has been burned cannot touch anything because of the severe pain he suffers from, so burns are considered the worst injury among all the injuries that any person may be exposed to, and according to the World Health Organization, the annual deaths from burns reach more than 200,000 patients, resulting from exposure to different heat sources, as there are many reasons that lead to a burn, but the result is always the same, but there are also a number of classifications in these burns

First-degree burns are different from the second, and in turn, the second is different from the third

 Each of these degrees has a method and way of solving to get rid of these problems and a specific indication that we can reach through a lot of medicines

 Therefore, we will talk today about an application that helps in managing burns

  The best and first application that you can use to get rid of burn-related problems is the Burns Area, Index and Fluid C application

 Burns Area, Index and Fluid C
 The application that combines software and artificial intelligence on the one hand, and medical sciences on the other, where this application can give you the protocol and the methodological method used in treating each degree of burns

 For first-degree burns, and each of these degrees has a number of instructions and observations that you must adhere to until you reach a full recovery without leaving any real problem

Therefore, if you or someone close to you were exposed to a burn, you can deal with this war by downloading this application as a temporary first aid solution until you go to the emergency center, hospital or nearby dispensary so that the case is quickly managed

 Application features
 The application is free and no fees must be paid

 The application is light in size and does not require a lot of space so that you can download it

 The application works on all devices that support the Android system

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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