Body Discovery Dig Sy

A person may sometimes think about how his body looks from the inside, and certainly you have thought about this matter in advance, and you may have searched for a way to reach pictures from inside the body and know how the body looks from the inside, as there are a lot of pictures and information in the references that are useful in knowing the shape of the body  from the inside, but all these sources are boring, not entertaining, and fun, so we decided today to talk about an application that will combine scientific interest with medical science, and it is one of the advanced software technologies, It is the Body discovery dig sy application

Body discovery dig sy
As we mentioned that this application integrates both science and entertainment together, it is an entertaining, beautiful and nice application that contains educational and entertaining content, as its principle is based on the presence of a human figure inside the body starting from the tongue and then descending towards the intestine

  In the application there are many names related to the anatomical parts written in the English language, in addition to that you can learn a lot about some clinical conditions such as black hairy tongue, white tongue, gastric ulcers and strawberry tongue

 It also contains some information about diarrhea and constipation and presents some other stories and manifestations that may affect  The digestive system, which it will be special for you to read and learn

 If you have learned it previously, it is an opportunity to refresh your memory, as it is also a nice opportunity to transfer your information to an entertaining application

Application features

 Merging science with entertainment is a beautiful thing, and there should be a number of similar applications that present science in an entertaining way, and this matter will give the student a high academic degree

 This application is considered to have a low size, so it does not need a large space until you download it and enjoy it, as it is suitable for all Android devices and does not cause any problems, damage or certain confusions

Download the application
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