Remote control for Android devices

In this life, there are many applications that make life easier and better, and it also makes people live more comfortable and much better than they used to live in the past, where people used to do difficult things that used to take a lot of effort and time, but now it is easy to deal with  a lot of things like traveling long distances and going to places that no human could have gone to, and one of these things that make life easier is owning a smart home based on artificial intelligence and technology, which will be provided by this application that we will talk about today. It is Remote Control for Android  TV

Remote Control for Android TV
This application is considered one of the applications that are used on the mobile phone, but at the same time you can control many other devices, as it can control all home appliances such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, heating, and a large number of smart devices in the home, thanks to artificial intelligence technology and other technological technologies

Through this application, you can not only use a number of devices at home, but you can also benefit from many other features such as voice search for devices, in addition to the touch panel, which helps to control the TV remotely

 All of this is available and more on the application that is available on all Android devices 

 But the devices that you use and your mobile device must be smart devices, and your mobile device must also contain infrared technology, because this technology is very important, and the application cannot work without this feature in your mobile device, in addition to that home devices must be smart and connected  on the same network as your mobile device

A number of pluses in the application
 Using a single application to control everything in the house is one of the pioneering things in information technology, which will transfer your home to the world of electronic software

 There is a high sensitivity in the application of the voice commands that you command, in addition to that you can write on the smart screen at home using the keyboard on your mobile phone, and you can also control the applications on the smart TV

 This application is distinguished by the presence of a wonderful touch mouse that has distinct properties that indicate that the creator of this screen has a high scientific degree

 You can use this application for free without paying any amounts, in addition to that it does not contain any annoying ads, especially advertisements for health insurance and loans

 The application does not require a high operating system, as all it requires is Android 4.4 and higher

 The size of this application is considered small, as it does not exceed 13.49 megabytes

 There are more than one million users who have downloaded this application 

Downloade the application via the following link click here  

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