Climbing stars game

 Climbing Stars is a game where players navigate through various levels by climbing a tower filled with obstacles and challenges
The objective is to reach the top of the tower, which represents the highest level achievable in the game Here's a brief description of how the game could work

Tower Structure: The tower consists of multiple floors stacked vertically, each with its own unique layout, obstacles, and enemies

Climbing Mechanics: Players control a character who can climb the tower using various climbing techniques like jumping, wall-running, and grabbing ledges

Obstacles and Challenges: Each floor presents different obstacles and challenges, such as moving platforms, rotating gears, spikes, enemies, and puzzles. Players must navigate these obstacles to progress to the next level

Power-ups and Collectibles Throughout the tower, players can find power-ups that enhance their climbing abilities, such as temporary speed boosts, double jumps, or invincibility. Collectibles like gems or keys may also be scattered across the tower, unlocking secret areas or granting additional bonuses

Time and Score Challenges: To add an extra layer of difficulty, players can compete against the clock or aim for high scores by completing levels quickly or collecting as many items as possible

Boss Battles: At certain intervals, players may encounter challenging boss battles on specific floors Defeating these bosses requires strategy and skill

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