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 Clinical medicine refers to the branch of medicine that deals directly with patients, their diagnoses, treatment, and overall healthcare
It is the application of medical knowledge and skills to individual patients in a real-world, clinical setting
Clinical medicine encompasses various medical specialties and subspecialties, each focusing on specific areas of patient care and treatment

App for today 
VisualDx is a diagnostic clinical decision support system designed to assist healthcare professionals, primarily doctors and medical practitioners, in diagnosing various medical conditions
The VisualDx app provides access to a vast database of medical images and information, aiding healthcare providers in recognizing and differentiating between different diseases and conditions

Key features of the VisualDx app may include
Image Library: A comprehensive collection of clinical images representing various medical conditions, including rare and dermatological disorders

Diagnostic Assistance: The app helps clinicians narrow down possible diagnoses by allowing them to input patient symptoms, clinical findings, or other relevant information

Differential Diagnosis: VisualDx generates a list of potential diagnoses based on the information provided, helping healthcare professionals consider a range of possibilities

Treatment Information: It often provides treatment recommendations, guidelines, and references for managing identified conditions

Reference Materials: Access to a wealth of medical reference materials, textbooks, and resources for further research and learning

Patient Education: Some versions of the app offer patient education materials that can be shared with patients to help them understand their condition and treatment options

VisualDx is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals, particularly in the fields of dermatology and internal medicine, where visual recognition of symptoms and conditions is critical It can assist in more accurate and efficient diagnoses and improve patient care

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