Mobile screen Problems Solving App

 Many mobile phone users suffer from technical issues and problems with their phone screens
These problems can result from manufacturing errors by the company or may occur due to user actions, causing disruptions in daily tasks and annoyance for many

If you are one of those facing these issues, continue reading the following article

Today's application is "Mobile Touch Screen Problems," which offers a unique service in detecting any technical issues with your phone's screen and providing alerts thanks to advanced sensors capable of detecting any faults
With this app, you can check your phone's screen before purchasing it and ensure it's working perfectly without any issues

App Features
Tips for protecting the screen from damage

Guidance on data protection when the screen is damaged

The app provides instructional videos explaining essential steps

Explanation of how to restart different devices when the screen malfunctions

About the App
Android requirements: 5 and above

Last update: April 15, 2023

Download size: 30 megabytes

To download the app, use the following link click here

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