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 Addiction to social media refers to a compulsive and excessive reliance on social media platforms, which can have negative effects on individuals mental and emotional well-being

Addiction to social media can have several negative consequences on personal, social, and physical levels, including
Negative impact on mental health: The constant sense of virtual connection without real-life interaction can lead to feelings of isolation and a lack of belonging

Impact on personal relationships: Continuous preoccupation with social media can lead to neglecting personal relationships and result in ineffective communication and a loss of ability to engage in real-life interactions

Effect on physical health: Social media addiction can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle
This can lead to weight gain and physical fitness problems

Our app of the day is "Antisocial Phone Addiction," which specializes in eliminating that harmful habit that causes serious problems in the long run

About the application
This application provides comprehensive details about the duration of usage for each application, along with battery consumption, thanks to technology developed by programmers that sends notifications to those who exceed the allowed limit of phone usage

Features of the application
Easy-to-use and simple interface that offers a satisfying experience

Detailed daily reports on usage and battery consumption

Ability to set timers for each application

App lock feature when the required duration is exceeded

Download the application
You can download the application through the following link click here

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