Enjoy the beautiful Masha and the Bear game

 Children want to have beautiful games because they always want to enjoy their time and get a great deal of fun and entertainment in their regular days, which drives them to search for beautiful and wonderful applications that enable them to get the most beautiful games

Games are considered the child's gateway to learning in general, because he will find in them many areas of development for the mind and the ability to develop capabilities and spirituality within the child, in addition to developing the ability to communicate with the child, and this matter greatly helps to develop communication with the community and to be an active part in it for that the importance of games cannot be overlooked in providing interest and great knowledge

Today, in our article, we will present to you a useful and educational application that helps all children acquire distinctive skills, and it is one of the applications that rely on modern software in its work

 Masha and the Bear game
It is a group of small games that benefit all children in acquiring various life skills and experiences through some intelligence mini games that are suitable for children from the age of five to the age of ten
There are more than 30 small branches of games within the game, such as
The game of colors and graphics

 A game of knowing words in foreign languages

Random pictures game and rearranging them

A game of some simple puzzles

The game of using musical instruments

The game of putting the numbers in order

A game of collecting some letters to form an understandable word

Matching the picture with the word game

 A game of identifying animals and their sounds

Download the application
Via the following link click here
So teach your children through useful and  interesting games like Masha and the bear 

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