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 In the course of life, a person passes through a number of different years, each of which possesses certain periods of hardship and prosperity, and a person passes through the course of his life through certain periods that begin with a lack of experience and then move to a period of acquiring experiences, then the age of maturity, and then the age of middle age and wisdom, and then the person will be graduated

Some people know the day they were born, but they do not calculate their age, which they have reached now, because they do not care to know how old they are, or they do not want to waste time in that, so today we will present to you the best applications that help you reach knowing your real age in each of the Hijri dates and Gregorian history

Different stages of human life
Human goes through different periods of life, because he is considered one of the most living creatures on the surface of the earth. The life of other living beings does not reach many years 
 Humans live with a large average age of approximately 50 and 60 years, where most people can live for a long period of time

Humans acquire a large amount of different experiences through their passage through these long years, starting from the stage of birth and childhood, and then the other stages in which he enters the school and then to the university, then he enters the labor market, after which he has to associate with a woman or she relate to a man and give birth so that the cycle of life continues in humans and beyond

 The young man or girl reaches an advanced age and reaches 50 or 60 years, and then they acquire a large number of experiences, some of them contract diseases, and others die before reaching this age

This period is considered the most important period in a person’s life, because he does not have any intellectual or religious beliefs or opinions, and his family works to plant some values ​​and ideas in his imagination and in his thoughts so that he can deal with the circumstances surrounding him, and the child acquires during this period the mechanism of dealing with people and respecting them and how to take proper action, learn mental judgment and many more

This stage differs between societies in terms of dealing with young men and women, so liberal societies resort to making adolescents live the life they want and support them in cases of independence from their parents and other issues that may occur to anyone who entered the age of adolescence, while other societies, especially societies of a religious nature, resort to trying to correct these young people and prevent them from deviating towards the wrong path, preserving their values ​​and morals, and dealing with them well

The stage of youth and consciousness
This period is the privileged period in which a person can make his decisions freely, away from any pressure or advisor from the family, relatives, or others, because he has acquired enough life experience to carry out the transactions he wants and act as he likes to choose his studies and also choose from he wants to associate with him or deal with him, because this age is the age in which a person can live freely

The middle age stage
This period is considered one of the most difficult periods for a person, because he begins to lose the desire to play the role that he should play, as he refuses to go to pregnancy and retire, and does not want to do anything in his life except to wait for death, and this situation affects many people who enter the middle age  because there is no one around them and makes them feel important, especially if they have a certain disease

Age account site
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And if you are one of the people who prefer
 applications, do not worry, we will provide you with an application that also serves you with the service of knowing the real age

It is an application that is able to explore the real work that you have lived in your entire life since the day you were born to this day. It can also calculate your age for you in both the Hijri and Gregorian dates so that you know how many years you have lived exactly in these years and the number of years varies between the Hijri year and the Gregorian year, because every ten Gregorian years corresponds to 13 Hijri years

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In which stage you are 
Adolescence or Youth 
You will know your age exactly in years, months,days

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