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 Developers have sought for a long time to convert a number of cartoon films into wonderful games so that children can play with their favorite cartoon characters, so that they can enjoy their time and get enough pleasure by playing with the wonderful characters that they used to watch on TV, and this carries a certain privacy and aesthetic for each child because animated films limit the very special things in children

And the series thought to convert animated films into applications and games. Today's share was the game Dragon Ball, whose events revolve around a person who came from the planet of the Sainz, which was completely destroyed by the bad guys
 This fighter, the Sinzi, seeks revenge on the criminals who destroyed his planet by protecting the planet and eliminating the bad guys

DragonBall game for Android devices
It is one of the wonderful games that simulate the famous series Dragon Ball, in which there are a large number of fighters, and the events of the series revolve around enthusiasm, excitement, fighting, and defending good against evil, and there are within the game all the characters that were present in the series, such as Jojo, Johan, Frieza, Hoshi, and many others

Advantages of the game
You can easily control everything in the game

The game has three-dimensional graphics and creativity in graphic design

There are many wonderful visual and sound effects within the game

The game contains a large number of levels

The size of the game is suitable and ideal for all devices

You can get the game for free

There are many developments and updates that developers make from time to time

One of the most distinguishing features of this game is its ability to work without the Internet

Download the application
For downloading the game
Where are you? We have concluded some important information about the new Dragon Ball game, which simulates the wonderful series. I hope you get the desired pleasure

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