Clear Mobile Password PIN Help App

 Many people are exposed to problems related to memory and forgetfulness, where many people put a password for the mobile without caring about it, and after a while they discover that they forgot the password, and thus they suffer from the problem of using the device because they cannot write the password and do not remember it at all, which makes them suffer in using their mobile, and this which often forces him to delete everything on the mobile so that he can use it again, which is a big problem that many people suffer from

Today, we will present an application that can delete the password that you set without having to delete everything in the device, and it is one of the distinguished applications that work thanks to modern and advanced software. It is the clear mobile password pin help application, as this application helps to delete all passwords that have been set and from then forget about it

clear mobile password pin help app
It is one of the free applications that you can use to remove the password that you set for your device and then forgot it after a period of time. This application saves the files on the device because if you do not use it, there is no way to restore the device except to delete everything in it

Application contents
The application provides you with the service of protecting the device through the smart lock

The application helps you to retrieve the password on the device

You can also recover the memory card if you have set a password for it

The application offers you the best way to get rid of the pattern with which the device screen was locked

You can also remove the password through the application

It also provides additional information that helps delete all passwords

The application has a number of advantages, such as
The application is completely free

The application is devoid of all annoying ads that can hinder your work

The application provides reliable, confirmed and content information

The application does not take up a large amount of space, as it is a lightweight application

Download the application
Via the following link click here 
And don't worry about forgetting the password or pattern,you don't have to delete anything to unlock your device

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