Bad health habits in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is one of the holy months in the lives of Muslims in general, because of the blessings and goodness it attracts to all Muslims in terms of physical, moral and material provision, because it is one of the months in which the first four pillars of Islam exist, namely the two testimonies, prayer, zakat and fasting. Since we are talking about dietary habits, there are a large number of wrong habits that spread in the month of Ramadan, which we will mention in our article, respectively

Fasting people do many wrong actions related to health, because they are not aware that these actions are harmful, or because they are indifferent to their health, which makes them not benefit from the month of fasting and do not achieve the goal of the month of goodness and blessing
 If you are interested in knowing most of the bad health habits that affect the day of fasting follow us to read the article

Eating quickly
Muslims fast almost all over the world for more than 15 continuous hours, which makes them very hungry, and that is what drives them to eat very quickly at sunset in order to compensate for the hunger that they suffered from throughout the day, so we find that most of the fasting people eat quickly, which increases the burden of food on the stomach and it makes it suffer from excessive size, and sometimes the fasting person may not be able to complete the food due to fast eating and not satisfying his hunger logically

Eat a lot of food
The idea of ​​eating spreads widely during the breakfast and suhoor periods, due to the extreme hunger that the fasting person suffers from during the fasting day, so at sunset he eats a large amount of food that makes him unable to breathe because of the pressure of the stomach on the diaphragm and thus the lungs, or during the suhoor period when the person is about to fast, and this is what drives him to eat large quantities of food, in the shadow of him, that these large quantities of food will reduce the hunger that exists in the subsequent periods, and this is what makes him suffer from stomach pain often

Eat and then sleep after
After finishing the breakfast meal in particular, a large number of fasting people sleep deeply after eating, because they were exhausted from the long day of fasting, work, and other various activities
 Sometimes food may return to the trachea and thus to the lungs, which leads to inhalation pneumonia

Eating excessively without gradation
After a long day of fasting has passed, the stomach cannot receive any kind of direct food. Rather, it needs to gradually eat food. For example, you can start drinking water, then eat light and soft foods, and then you can start eating solid foods, but it is not possible to start  by eating hard foods directly, because this will lead to the stomach not accepting this food, and thus pain will occur, and you may vomit all the food you ate during the breakfast period

The benefits of fasting
 losing weight
The month of Ramadan helps many people to start at high-quality diet, by refraining from eating food directly and permanently, from dawn to sunset, as a Muslim refrains from eating from dawn to sunset and even drinking as well, and he cannot eat permanently, which offers some steps appropriate until the patient's weight decreases

 Get a healthy and distinguished system
The holy month of Ramadan regulates the times of eating, so a person can eat at a specific time and fast at a specific time, so he should organize the rest of his life around food, but on normal days he can eat at any time, and this leads to chaos in life and the day in general

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