WikiMed - Offline Encyclopedia application for all medical information

 Students who study in the Faculty of Medicine are interested in getting to know the important subjects in addition to acquiring valuable medical information related to all diseases, medicines and treatments so that they can benefit from them in the near future and enrich their information when the subject is related to patients who will supervise them in the future when they start working in the medical profession
There are many applications that put some medical information on the Internet, but there is no application on the Internet that can collect all the information and form a medical encyclopedia

But today, we will present to you a wonderful application that helps you access this advanced and relevant information for all different diseases

 This application presents all important medical information in the form of a group of important videos and notes. It is the WikiMed - Offline Encyclopedia application

WikiMed - Offline Encyclopedia
The application that provides all the important and distinctive medical information related to medicines and diseases, and the student can, through this application, practice the medical profession in a wonderful way after downloading the application due to the experiences it provides and a lot of different and varied clinical skills, as it contains all the different diseases that exist in the human body and that affect  digestive, nervous, cardiovascular and many others

Application pros
The application has a wide range of advantages, the most important of which are
You can use the application without an Internet connection, which makes it available all the time and does not need the Internet except when downloading it

The application is available for free on stores, and you can download it without paying money or installments

The application has a large size, and you may have to delete any other application until you download it. It is a large application and contains all medical information. It is described as an encyclopedia, so it is obvious that its size is large

Download the application
You can download it via the following link

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