Is it possible for any tsunami to happen in Syria?

 After a devastating earthquake occurred in northern Syria and southern Turkey, especially on the area overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, there was a great deal of talk about the possibility of a tsunami, especially with the waves receding slightly backwards, and this is what predisposes to the occurrence of the problem of the natural phenomenon, which is a tsunami, and fear has spread in many coastal areas.  In both Syria and Turkey, when they saw the waves retreating back, they thought that these waves, which had receded a little from the shore, would return stronger after a period of time, so they began to prepare for any calamity or disaster that might occur in the near term

Definition of tsunami
The tsunami is considered one of the most important natural phenomena that occur in the seas and the coast, because it is related to the occurrence of another natural disaster, which is earthquakes, and the tsunami depends in its occurrence on the occurrence of an earthquake that precedes it, and then the shape of the land plates under the sea changes, which predisposes to an unprecedented movement of waves that lead to a large wave height,  It results from the lowering of the land under the sea and then its rise again until the waves rise to a height of 100 m and sometimes more or less. Thus, the tsunami attacks the beaches and then destroys homes, houses, cars and everything in its path

What are the most dangerous countries from exposure to tsunami
The countries that are most at risk of tsunamis are the countries of Indonesia and Japan, due to the location of the State of Japan in a seismically active region, while Indonesia is located on the fire belt of a volcanic region that may prepare for the occurrence of a tsunami

The most severe tsunami in history
After the occurrence of an earthquake in 2004 that struck the regions of Sri Lanka, India and the surrounding countries, the strongest tsunami appeared in the world, which led to human disasters and the killing of large numbers of people, in addition to the destruction and devastation that occurred due to the high waves of water, and this led to great human and economic losses

Also in 2011, a very strong earthquake occurred in the Fukushima region in Japan, which led to a major problem, not because of the earthquake, but because of the high waves of the tsunami, which were not limited to human and economic harm, but also harmed the nuclear reactors, which in turn released toxic nuclear materials into the air that led to the death of a greater number of people, therefore, this natural disaster is considered one of the worst widespread disasters, due to the triple human, economic and nuclear damage

As for the application that we will talk about today, it is one of the applications that helps to predict the tsunami before it occurs in a very small way, because earthquakes are considered among the phenomena that cannot be predicted accurately, but there are approximate periods that can help you know the occurrence of the earthquake and its timing shortly before, so it cannot be prevented the complete occurrence of a tsunami or prevention from it, but there is a specific time interval that you can prepare for. It is the application of the IH-Tsunamis System (IH-Tsusy)

It is one of the applications that studies the high waves of the sea in detail, which helps to try to predict the occurrence of tsunamis, especially after earthquakes, and the expectation of the occurrence of tsunamis is considered the highest chance of the occurrence of earthquakes, because tsunamis exist before the seismic waves that predispose to their occurrence, which makes the expectation of the occurrence of tsunamis much greater than the expectation of occurrence of the earthquake, so this application is one of the best applications that use software in its work

Download the application
You can download it through this link 
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