Game of Thrones

 Many people love the series Game of Thrones, which was released in the last period, and the series lied great popularity, as the number of viewers for it reached more than any other series, and it also enjoyed a high rating by many critics. The idea of ​​the series lies in the presence of a number of tribes that fight over the throne of the best tribe. The conflict between them is through wars with dragons and different and varied weapons, as this series dates back to ancient events, and some imaginative ideas were added to it, which made it a wonderful product that many people love to watch

Today we will talk about a wonderful game that simulates the distinctive Game of Thrones series, where each player will play the role of one of the tribes until he wrestles with the rest over the throne of the best tribe, and during this game he uses the dragons and available weapons until he fights the rest and wins for his tribe against the rest of the tribes

 The game uses many modern software of a graphic nature , It is the game of Game of Thrones: conquest, the game of the most prominent strategic nature around the world

Game of Thrones: conquest
It is a game with a distinctive war character that contains many armies and tribes with different strengths, as it depends on the wisdom of a tribe with an advantage that makes it distinct from the rest of the tribes.  The most suitable army for you until you win the battle and declare yourself as a hero for this fight and for these great wars

The game has many important features and characteristics such as
This game is one of the most exciting games around the world, due to the presence of all the different and diverse forces and armies

 this game is one of the special strategy games, and you can prove your competence in the battle through the war plans that you set

The size of the game is medium and it does not need a lot of space to download it

This game is suitable for all ages, starting from the age of 14

The game has many professional graphics and high-resolution images, as the game has a wonderful graphic design

The game includes many sound effects that increase enthusiasm and excitement within the game

 The game has many levels and characters with different powers, and you can start with the lowest level and then go up to the hardest level

The game is free and you can download it without paying any amount of money, but it contains a number of ads that may disturb you a little when you play, so you can wait for it to finish and then start playing

Download the application through the following link click here

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