DC Mobile application to check your home after earthquake

 A short period of time, a strong earthquake occurred in southern Turkey and northern Syria, which damaged many areas and buildings, in addition to the collapse of a large number of buildings over the heads of the residents, which led to a great human catastrophe, with more than 38,000 victims

However, many people in earthquake zones and other areas around the world anticipating another earthquake are looking for applications that help them secure the house and know the damage that any earthquake may cause in it, to be aware of the injuries that may occur or the damage that may be caused by any earthquake to the building. Today we are talking about the distinguished Dc mobile application, which works thanks to the software in monitoring all the problems in the buildings that may be greatly affected by earthquakes

DC mobile
What is a wonderful and distinguished application that helps all people who are located in areas threatened by earthquakes to investigate the architectural conditions of the building and ensure the integrity of the foundations and all cement bases located under the building, where you can benefit from this application by investigating the condition of the building in which you live and the possibility of it falling in the event of an earthquake , and this application is considered one of the best software applications that provide information about safety in the housing in which you live

Application qualities
You can get the DC Mobile application for free through the store without paying any sums of money, fees, or subscriptions

The application needs to be connected to a server in the region related to the foundations in the building, and not all regions in the world are subject to this application

I do not consider the size of this application large, as it is a service application and is considered as a tool to help you know all the cement foundations present in your building, whether they are sound or weak, and whether they will be affected by a specific earthquake or no

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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