The English Conversation practice application

 If you have a great desire to learn the English language interactively and to have a number of conversations with people who are proficient in the English language, and this in turn will improve your ability to speak, then you are in the right article that will provide you with the most appropriate application to get the best education in the English language and conversation
Where according to many studies, many students suffer in conversation, for a number of reasons, the speaker may be afraid of making mistakes, so he prefers to be silent than to speak
  In addition, the speaker may have many words and sentences in his head, but he cannot formulate them in a clear sentence, so he cannot express himself
  But these problems will end with English Conversation practice app

English conversation practice app
Application specialized in teaching English conversation where this application works to make students speak and become proficient in the language greatly through written and listening content that can improve the student's listening and speaking skills for all levels from beginner to professional

What's in the app
 In this application, there are a large number of conversation lessons, which number up to 200

 There are also many listening lessons that improve this skill you have

 In addition to the presence of a number of scientific questions that show you the value of language and how to use the right time and verb at the right time

The application contains a voice recording tool that captures your voice and your ability to speak fluently in the English language, and accordingly determines your level

Advantages of the application
This application is completely free and there are no fees or charges

This application is easy to use and has a simple, uncomplicated interface

 This application is characterized by the fact that its size is not large and does not require a large space, as it is suitable for all Android devices

 Everyone can download this application, as it pertains to all levels, from beginner to professional

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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