The application of learning the French Language

 The application of learning the French language from scratch for beginners to learn the French language professionally

The French language is considered one of the most spoken languages ​​around the world, so many students go to study this language in order to be able to communicate with other societies and open up many good prospects for them, which provide them with distinguished job opportunities in France and other French-speaking countries

Today, we will present to you one of the distinguished applications that teaches you the French language from scratch, even if you do not know anything about it, as this application begins with you by learning the letters and then the numbers, and then you gradually develop with this application

The application of learning the French language from scratch for beginners
This application offers distinguished educational courses for the French language that help all students to go through stages in learning the language and enable them to master it in the end, so that they become fluent like native speakers

It also provides a set of important tests that help the student to know his ability to pass the previous tests The student can know what his real level is by taking a test at the beginning, and then completes the learning from the level he started at

Application features
This application is suitable for all educational levels, as it takes into account the beginner level and the professional level as well

The application is free and does not require any amounts or fees

 Through this application, you can also listen to the correct pronunciation of words in the French language

There is a section in the application related to conversations that help strengthen language skills when you use it on a daily basis

 This application works without an internet connection and also contains an immediate translation of all sentences, words and correct wording

 There are a number of distinctive images from the application that help all students to understand words greatly

The application contains many phrases and words that are used on a daily basis
There is also a section for grammar

It also contains a section for learning the French language through audio recordings and conversations with many speakers of the language so that you can maintain the level you have learned

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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