Short Cases in Surgery |  OSCE for learning clinical and surgical cases

Students of the Faculty of Human Medicine are interested in passing their examinations by acquiring a number of experiences and medical information related to various surgical operations and clinical examinations appropriate for each disease, and they are always looking for the best tools that help them overcome these barriers without any problem occurring or without penetrating any error when diagnosing

Thanks to the presence of modern software, we have been able to obtain a unique and wonderful application that helps to know all the things that need to be done when we are subjected to emergency surgery or when we are in the operating room in the hospital

 We are talking about the application Short Cases in Surgery |  OSCE which is distinguished in reviewing some clinical cases related to various surgeries

Short Cases in Surgery |  OSCE

This application is one of the applications that help you pass many international examinations related to human medicine

  In addition to the possibility of teaching you how some important surgeries occur in the body, no surgery can take place unless it is found in this application

The application contains surgical operations that are performed in each of the upper and lower extremities, abdomen, chest, heart, vessels, and other important operations

Pros of the application

This application teaches the student how to do the appropriate clinical examination to perform the surgical work later

This application answers all inquiries that the patient or doctor has about the surgical operations that will be performed on the patient's body

Inside the application, there are many pictures and videos that help to learn how to perform different surgeries

 The application is free, you can download it without paying any amounts or fees, and its size is suitable for all devices, it works on mobiles that support the Android system

Download the application

Via the following link click here 

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