PONS Picture Dictionary German application, we learn the German language through useful pictures

If you want to learn the German language and love to
 develop linguistic abilities through many methods that guarantee a person obtaining the benefit and learning the German language professionally, all you have to do is read this article in which you will talk about one of the excellent and beautiful applications until you learn the German language, which is the PONS Picture Dictionary German application through many distinct images and a group of audios that provide the best learning methods

 Why is learning German important
 Because the German language will allow many students and workers to go to the federal state of Germany, which sets the requirement to speak German in order for students to be accepted there where many students of human medicine, especially, seek to learn the German language, because their chances of traveling to the Federal Republic of Germany are much greater than others, but this language is always an obstacle in the face of all people who want to travel
 Also, people who arrived in Germany without having learned the language, their chance of staying in that country depends on how quickly they learn the language
 People who cannot learn this language quickly will be returned to the place from which they came

 PONS Picture Dictionary German app
 The application that specializes in learning the German language and helps many people and students to learn it by displaying some pictures and conversations that strengthen their scientific stock and the words they know
 Where there are more than 15,000 German words in this application, in addition to attaching these words to a translation, an audio file, and an image, so that the student can understand all the words, learning how to write them, their meaning, and the way they are pronounced

 This application is not free, so you can download it for free and study the first semester in it, but after that you must pay fees within the application so that you can complete your studies within it easily

 Advantages of the application
 According to many studies, learning the language through hearing and seeing a picture of the meaning of the word is much better than repeating the word and repeating it until the person can understand this word
The software has worked to put these words within the application with an audio file and an image that shows the meaning of the word

 There are many exercises in the application that ask you to connect each word with the image that it expresses

 This application is suitable for all learners, especially beginners who are taking the first step in learning the language

 The size of this application that you want to download is very small and is suitable for all devices and does not constitute any harm or harm to the device

  There are other versions of this application that teaches other languages, Spanish, French, English, and many others

  In this application there are many chapters that talk about travel, parts of the house, people, sports, education, food and drink, and work

 Download the application
Via the following link click here

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