An application to learn about oils and their various benefits Essential Oils & More


Medicinal oils of plant and animal origin are considered among the medically useful elements for many societies, so a large number of people seek to purchase these oils in order to apply them to their bodies, maintain their health, and keep themselves away from diseases and various harms

Today, we will talk about one of the applications that explain to people about medicinal oils and their scientific benefits, as well as tell them the indications and diseases for which they should use oils
  In addition to enclosing how to use, the number of times of use, and other matters related to medicinal oils.  It's the Essential Oils & More app

Essential Oils & More app
This application is considered one of the reliable and guaranteed applications that provide approximately 234 health conditions and the oils that suit them, as this application contains more than 75 types of different types of oils, whether they are essential or mixed oils
This application works based on software science that provides more service and medical applications that allow a person to be treated while sitting at home
The application provides advice and instructions that every patient must take in order to get rid of the disease that he suffers from

  What makes this application more special is the development of additions related to the use and the mechanism of making oils, and this is what makes it superior to other applications

Advantages of the application
 This application is considered one of the useful reference and educational applications that provide health services to patients through a number of therapeutic oils that will heal many people when used, and they will love to download this application in order to obtain sufficient information related to these oils

 This application contains 79 different oils, as we mentioned, such as
  Cypress, cassia, ginger, eucalyptus, grapefruit, coriander, basil, lavender, vetiver, melaleuca, lemon balm, birch, mint, bergamot, rosemary, spearmint

 There are treatments for many different diseases that some people suffer from, such as
  ADHD, acne, autism, anorexia, anxiety, joint pain, Parkinson's, cholesterol, pregnancy and many more

You can download this application for free through the store without paying any fees or sums of money

 The size of this application is not large and does not need to free up space for it, as this application supports all devices that run on the Android system

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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