Drug Bible Rx & OTC Guide application

 Many patients are interested in knowing the medicines that need to be taken, but many patients cannot take the medicine except after they go to the doctor and write a prescription suitable for their condition
 There are many cases in our country in which the patient goes to the pharmacist and takes the medicine without a prescription, so we must differentiate between  medicines that can be prescribed by a pharmacist and medicines that should not be dispensed without a doctor's prescription

Today, we bring for you one of the distinguished applications that are able to list all the medicines that are dispensed in the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription and Rx medicines, as this application worked on the intercourse of medicines using modern software through a group of medicinal medical references that allow the use of some medicines without a medical prescription, such as pain relievers
 We are talking about the Drug Bible application  Rx & OTC Guide

Drug Bible Rx & OTC Guide
The best application for both patients, doctors, pharmacists, pharmacologists who are interested in knowing which medicines are suitable to be taken without a prescription and which medicines can only be prescribed by a prescription

Pros of the application
The application presents more than 100,000 medicines and explains about each one of these medicines in detail and tells you the active substance contained in it and the inactive excipients present

There is a barcode scanning feature in the application, which enables you to discover all medicines and a detailed search for all medicines, and you get full information related to the medicine

The application provides all information related to the drug in terms of therapeutic effects, unwanted side effects, and other important matters

You can get the application for free through the store without paying any money or additional fees

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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