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 Many women care about the lips and they love to have beautiful and distinct lips, as we often see many girls using lipstick, gloss or emollient, as you find them looking for many ways to make their lips full, as they think that full lips are the most attractive, and many ways have been found that leads to puffy lips, such as some cosmetic and surgical methods, which occur through injections of filler or Botox, which fills the connective tissue in the healing area so that it appears temporarily larger, in addition to the presence of many preparations that can increase the size of the lips, which are often found in cosmetic centers, such as ointments, gels, and others

And since the process of injecting Botox and Fillers is expensive and contains many risks, in addition to the fact that the ointments are of uncertain efficacy, there must be another way that helps to reach these full lips in a more effective and less expensive way, as the software created this method represented by the application of Big Lips Naturally

  Big Lips Naturally App 
The application specialized in taking care of beauty, especially the lips, as it works to give a lot of tips and recipes that make the lips bigger and increase their size without affecting the safety and integrity of the body, because this application provides a set of natural materials and useful recipes away from the problems of costly surgical procedures and ointments provided by centers  cosmetic

Application contents
This application presents the best recipe, which consists of peppermint oil, which works to fill the lips, in addition to playing a soothing role for pain without any swelling or edema

 There are also recipes rich in coconut sugar in the application, which works to increase the blood supply, in addition to exfoliating the lips so that they increase in size

It is also possible to use a makeup pencil, which in turn defines the lips, which leads to setting clear borders for the lips, which appear as if they are of a much larger size than they were, especially with the presence of the distinctive gloss

Application features
 This application provides natural recipes and useful herbs that lead to an increase in the size of the lips without going to cosmetic centers or performing any surgical procedures

 This application is very useful for doctors and nurses, because they are able to learn more recipes that give better results very quickly and without exposing the patient to any invasive procedure or paying money

This application is free, and you can benefit from it by downloading it from the store without paying any fees

 Also, the size of this application is suitable for all devices and does not cause any harm, and you can download it without deleting any other applications, as it is suitable for all devices that run on the Android system

Download the application 
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