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 Anatomy is distinguished from other sciences in that it benefits students of medical colleges from the beginning of their admission to the university until graduation, so no medical student can graduate without learning a lot about anatomy

Anatomy varies into many parts, such as neuroanatomy, which is concerned with features of the nervous system, and physiological anatomy, the science concerned with the study of normal and pathological physiological changes in various anatomical organs

Most of those who care about anatomy are surgeons, because the surgeon must know all parts of the body and the different anatomical areas, in order for the surgical work he performed to succeed without any complications or medical errors that take the patient’s life

  Today we will talk about one of the distinguished anatomical applications that presents anatomy in the Arabic language and helps students to read different medical terms in the Arabic language

Anatomy in Arabic
There are many applications on the Internet that teach students about anatomy, but few of these applications provide anatomical terms in the Arabic language, and this is what makes today’s application distinct and preferred by many students over other anatomical applications

Pros of the application
This application displays a lot of anatomical and medical terms in classical Arabic, which made the application popular with Arab users

 This application conducts an assessment of the student's level through a number of tests for terminology and members' names in both Arabic and English

There is a feature to enlarge and reduce the images so that the student can get a distinct view and review all the different details

The application is free and you can download it without paying any money or fees

The application size is small and suitable for all devices running the Android system

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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