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If you have a lot of subjects that you have to study, but you do not have enough time because of the distraction and noise that surrounds you, then you are now in the appropriate article that will help you find the best solution so that you can focus on your studies, organize your time, and get schedules that suit all the subjects that you have

  You will find it in the application of the day, which is based on organizing time and making suitable study programs for you thanks to modern software and technologies so that you can study at the appropriate times and your concentration rises and the academic production is large in a short time

 We are talking about the My Study Life application that organizes time and helps focus in the study, especially for students who have important certificates such as the ninth certificate and the baccalaureate, or even if he is a student at the university and studies one of the difficult branches, where this application sets a study program for the day so that it ensures that the student achieves certain study hours with a high concentration within a short time, which raises productivity and makes the student able to  Keep up with all the lessons

 This application also helps the student to bring about a refreshment in memory, because of its ability to raise the student’s concentration during the study, which makes the retrieval of information easier for him

  After the student finishes using the program today, he can move to another program the next day and save the program that he used the previous day in the storage list so that he can return to it again and know the amount he accomplished and the time it took him to study, and so the student has an integrated program that provides him with sufficient information to make his own report on the things he studied over the course of a whole month

Advantages of the application
This application organizes the study and then stores the programs that it made, which makes the use of this application easy and simple, especially since it is not only limited to organizing study time, but it is also possible to organize work times and other things that a person must do

Parents can use this application in order to maintain the progress of the school process for their son

Through this application, the student can organize his studies over the course of a week, month or day, and this matter provides great flexibility for the student when using this application

In the application there is a section for taking notes during the study, so if the student has encountered a specific information that he wants to remember in the near future, then he can write down this information in the notepad section, and then he can return to it whenever he wants

Download the application
Via the following link click here 

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