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 If you are one of the people who use the Telegram application, but you want to get additional features that are not available in the original application, such as hiding your appearance or reading messages without the owner of the message noticing that you have read them, and many other features that you like to be in this application, then the application that we will talk about  today, it is the appropriate application for you, as it is the Mobofast application

 The application that hides your visibility from contacts and friends, and it also allows you to read their messages without them realizing it

It is an application that has all the characteristics of Telegram, but it has more important additions and wonderful features that allow you to use this application professionally without having to change the software in this device on which you use the application

When you download this application, you will discover that the interface of this application is very similar to the Telegram application, and you can use it just like using the Telegram application, as it is safe and your information is protected and will not be violated, and you do not have to hire a lawyer to recover your rights, but this application provides additions that are not present in the original Telegram, such

 The mode of concealment or concealment of appearance
Through these features, the user can read all the messages that he receives on the Telegram application without the other part knowing that he has read them, and this makes you comfortable using this application

 The network connection in this application is very excellent, as there is more than one network server that can be switched between them automatically

 This application is superior to the original application for downloading and uploading files, as the download speed on this application is greater

 This application is distinguished by the presence of many beautiful decorations and fun fonts that make your messages more wonderful than other messages, which makes the attraction to your message greater

 Unlike the original application, there is a great advantage in this application, which is that you put all conversations in specific groups, in personal conversations it has a box, and group conversations have a box, and there is also a box for robots

Additional features in this wonderful application
1. This application is similar to Telegram in the idea of ​​confidentiality of messages and the inability of any other part to read the conversations that take place between two people

 There is a great advantage in this application, which is deleting the message after a period of time, in case you forget to delete it, as it occurs automatically when you want it

 You can discover a number of users in your vicinity who use the same application, chat with them, meet new people and make new friends

 You can use more than one account on this application, which makes it easier to use

Download the application
Via the following link click here
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