Medical Dictionary Application

Many medical students suffer from English medical terminology during their studies, because they did not study medicine in the English language from the beginning, as they always encounter difficult words in the English language, and they do not know their meaning except after using medical dictionaries, and they are often confused about the best application that they can use it, so today we will talk about an application that helps in knowing all the English words as it collects these words in one dictionary, it is the application of the medical dictionary

Medical dictionary application

The medical dictionary application is one of the great applications that allow us to study a lot about medical words, as the developers or makers of this program work on using software and artificial intelligence to put this information within the application, which helps to refresh memory and the ability of the student to know many English words that allow him  constantly learning and getting the best English words they must know

Application features
This application is free and you can use it easily and simply because its interface is very simple as it contains only a search box and you are searching for the word and then it tells you its meaning

The application is very light so that its size does not exceed 22 MB, which will help to use it in a simple way without taking up a lot of space

The application supports all devices of all versions on Android and other systems

Download the application
Via the following link click here 

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