Convert the mobile to the TV screen via the Screen Mirroring TV Miracast application

 If you are a fan of movies and series and want to watch them on the screen after downloading them to your mobile phone, in addition to that sometimes you like to play games and watch pictures and videos on a screen larger than your mobile screen, which is relatively small, which makes watching these things easier and nicer to the eye, then you are in the right article which will introduce you to one of the best streaming applications which is Screen Mirroring TV Miracast

Application contents
This application enables you to see the contents of your mobile phone on the TV screen at home, where you can sit with the family and review some old photos and videos that help to refresh memory

 You can also watch a beautiful movie with them, as it cannot be watched on the mobile if your number is greater than two

 Especially since the application is simple, free of complexity, easy to use, and has a beautiful interface, so watching it on TV will be easier, but the user must be connected to the same network through the mobile and the screen, so the mobile cannot be connected to the screen except when connected to the same network, and this application supports all different devices that connect to the Internet 

Application features

This application offers great pleasure by watching pictures, videos, movies, series and matches on the screen with high connection quality without any interruption in transmission between the application and the device because it is one of the best programs that software science has found

 The user interface is simple, easy, and beautiful, and is devoid of any complications or difficulties in handling

The connection between the mobile phone and the screen is very fast without any problem, because the connection is through one touch

The application is not large in size and is suitable for all devices, as it is linked to all smart screens, which are connected to the Internet, available in the market

This application is not satisfied with providing series and movies, but it can provide all different files and various media such as images and videos, in addition to PDF and Microsoft files as well

How does the app work

You must have a smart screen that supports the process of connecting to the Internet and communication with the mobile phone

 Both the mobile phone and the smart screen must be connected to the same internet network

Activate the search for nearby devices in the application, and then it will find the screen for you

 Make the process of pairing the application in the device with the screen

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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