Be the investigator and find the criminal now

If you love mystery and have inclinations to interpret and solve problems and uncover different crimes, or if your field of study is about investigation and criminal matters and you need different cases to practice on, then today's app is the best choice for you

It is a unique investigation game where you can play the role of the investigator and reveal the secrets of the crime or theft
 Where this game gives you complex and difficult crimes and criminal cases, but you can solve them by using the methods of different skilled investigators

Detective game
This game consists of different cases of its kind, where you, as an investigator, can search for evidence at the crime scene and work hard to reach the criminal and hold him so that he does not flee, and then hand him over to the court to receive his deserved punishment

Application features
 You can play this game even when you do not have an internet connection

 This game does not contain advertisements that distract you from continuing the investigation

 The game has an interface that you can deal with very easily

The crimes in the game are taken from reality

 The evidence and tools in the game are characterized by high accuracy, as you feel as if you are at the crime scene striving to solve it

Who among us has not watched Detective Conan and admired his intelligence, so if you are a fan of excitement and mystery, do not hesitate to download this game, do not forget that if you succeed in solving these issues, you are very intelligent

Download the game
To download this game via the following link click here

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